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Что предоставляет ArkServerHosting.co.uk для хостинга игры Ark Survival Evolved. Локации серверов, отзывы, особенности, цены.

- Instant Game Server Setup
- 24/7 Expert Support Via Ticket & Discord
- DDoS Protected (Enterprise Grade)
- Mass Mod Install * EXCLUSIVE FEATURE *
- Automatic Mod Updates * EXCLUSIVE FEATURE *
- Free BattleMetrics Premium * EXCLUSIVE FEATURE *
- ARK Server API Fully Supported (1 Click Easy Install)
+ Many More Additional Powerful Features!

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Некоторые обзоры about ArkServerHosting.co.uk:
TrustPilot rating 4.9 / 5
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    Best server provider i've seen

    Best server provider i've seen. I tried many other providers but i didn't get the same quality. I totally recommend! Admins are always online to help you with anything you need, easy to understand and manipulate the server config. Server never lag and i never got complaints about connections.

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    Very Good Server Host

    Very good server host. Has automatic mod updater, and steam updater. Also offers plugins from the Ark API. Can't find the plugin your looking for? Just message them, Chris and Carl are very helpful.

    I stress tested the server, compeared to Nitrado it is less laggy. Less rubberbanding. So far so good!

    We are happy.
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    We needed a server quickly

    We needed a server quickly - we had one with a different provider that wasn't working as it should and the solutions being offered up were simply unnacceptable. AS Hosting delivered a server in a fraction of the time expected and their support when I needed help was fantastic - we waited less than 4 minutes for a response. Combine this with the fast loading times and significantly better equipment and we couldn't be happier. This was without them knowing we needed it ASAP. We tweeted out about how helpful they had been - they replied to thank us.

    You really won't find a better company for an Ark server, customer support or price! Very, very grateful to these guys for saving a 24 hour stream, saving us money and providing such a great level of quality in everything!

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