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We back your server up every 15 minutes. Your backed up files are sent to our offsite backup system and should you ever want to restore them we have a simple tool. Choose the backup and click restore button, choose just the world or all files.

We have your standard text editor, but for novice users, we have a carefully designed "easy configurator" which makes changing your server settings as easy as possible. Drop down menus and text input areas, click save and you are done.

With our mod workshop tool you can easily download thousands of ARK mods straight to your server, gone are the days where you must upload large files via FTP. Simply put the mod id in and click download.

We have fully trained staff working around the clock so should you need us for anything we are always waiting for you. Tickets are answered on average in 20 minutes and resolved fast.

Install Beyond Api via 1 click Install button inside our Mod Manager. Request in support ticket from our client area for DLL access to upload your plugins via the File Manager.

We support all maps, even custom built maps. You simply use the drop-down menu to select which map you would like and click save. Our system does the rest.

We have the latest 2018 DDOS protection in place to make sure that no disgruntled players can aim an attack at your server and cause damage to your player base.

No expense has been spared on the development of our control panel which is an industry leader. With full FTP, built in file manager, built in MySQL manager, easy to use configurators, PID, stop, start, scheduled tasks, a glossy modern look and much more.

We have 15 data centers throughout the world. Including Dallas, New York, Oregon, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Montreal, Sydney, Paris, London, Frankfurt and many more. We have got the globe covered.

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Last reviews about CraftAndSurvive:
TrustPilot rating 2.1 / 5
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    False Advertising

    I went to order a new server from CAS 2 weeks ago and noticed that their advertised prices on the search engines AND on their own website do not match what they actually charge people. I spoke with a customer support representative through their site and was told "they had to rebuild their website due to a server going down" and they "lost all their data and backups." Fair enough, still doesn't explain why their outbound advertising isn't fixed, that should be the first step in a price structure change.

    Decided to go back today and see if they fixed the issue, and they still have not. They are advertising a 7-Days to Die server on their main page at $0.20 per slot, however in their order system the cheapest that I have been able to find is $1.01 per slot.

    Everyone has "server malfunctions" and responsible businesses fix the issues. False advertising, however, is a good way to lose trust and respect as a business quickly.
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    A reliable service

    A reliable service. Support is responsive too. Only random hiccups here and there.
    I have no idea what their volume is or how many staff they have, but it feels like they are doing a lot with a few. They are doing it thought. :-)
    Great value!
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    Powerful but no longer affordable

    Pros: Their admin interface is one of the easiest to use of any hosting service

    Cons: They have significantly increased their prices and the cost outweighs the usefulness. Also their customer service is very slow to respond.

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