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Что предоставляет BlueFangSolutions для хостинга игры Ark Survival Evolved. Локации серверов, отзывы, особенности, цены.

ARK Survival Evolved game server hosting (monthly rental)

[NOTICE] ARK Servers are currently provided for PC connections only.

In ARK Survival Evolved you are a male or female naked in the wild, cold and starving on a unknown island. You must hunt, gather, create, grow, and build to be able to survive in these harsh lands. Use your wits and your weapons to kill or tame dinosaurs that roam the island. Team up with your friends to survive longer and take on bigger dinosaurs!

Here are some of the planned core features as per the developers of ARK Survival Evolved:

– Mac and Linux versions
– Procedurally Generated ARK’s
– 40+ more creatures to reach over 70, with essentially every major category of extinct animal represented in some way
– More saddle types including saddle armor tiers and saddles with powerful weapons mounted on them
– Gas-powered Vehicles
– Human/Dino Body-Paints
– Enhanced building mechanics to evolve ARK into one of the best straight-up builder games out there
– More underwater biome/ecosystem complexity, including support for vacuum-sealed underwater bases
– Lots more items, weapons, armors and further advanced tech tiers
– More item skins, limited run event skins
– More bosses and the end-game cycle including the Ultimate Life Form & Ascension
– More biome types, including deserts, snow regions, swamps, and more.
– Steam Economy Support for Statistical Items (Need some Steam API functionality for this from Valve!)
– Way more plants and more detailed plant biology systems/farming systems
– More statistical modelling of status illnesses/diseases (both player and creature)
– Better SFX, more Music, Better UI’s, Better Gamepad support (i.e. UI button shortcut callouts), Better VR support (i.e. HMD gun-aim option)

Overseer Panel™
Command Line Editor
Web Based File Manager
100% FTP Access
24/7 Support
Automatic Server Restarts
SSD Drives
No Branding
72 hour Money-Back Guarantee

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Некоторые обзоры about BlueFangSolutions:
TrustPilot rating 4.8 / 5
  • user icon
    I signed up with Bluefang couple of…

    I signed up with Bluefang couple of days ago to run my own dedicated server with them. Player that have been playing on my server was making a big fuss about Bluefang so I decided to give them a go!

    Very disappointing to say the least! What they do not tell you on their flashy website is that they do not offer 24/7 support like most other game server providers.

    I ran into an issue with my game and waited for half a day before support replied to my ticket. It seems they open when they feel like it cause the first response i got from them was at 10am in the morning! A full 9 hours after I submitted a ticket for support.

    I also find their game panel/control panel not very user friendly so I really cannot recommend them as a provider of choice! Not good!
  • user icon
    Blatant bait and switch tactics

    Blatant bait and switch tactics. They sold a server that they didn't have the appropriate hardware for. They admitted this in the service tickets and they suggested I lower the playercount for the server or pay 3x more for a dedicated box. I said I wanted a refund, they declined. Hoping a charge back will go through as they are operating very unethically.

    Upon seeing that I filed a dispute with paypal and gave them poor reviews, they cancelled my account and took all the funds associated with my purchase. I have filed a complaint to the FTC as well as the BBB.

    EDIT 2:
    To their response: Their representative acknowledged that the hardware they were hosting on was insufficient to host an 80 player server. They are the ones responsible for delivering the service, not the game developers.
  • user icon
    Great company with great staff always…

    Great company with great staff always available to help.
    Quick response time.
    Great customer service from the Staff.
    Craig especially as been nothing but wonderful.

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