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Our Premium DDoS-Protected ARK: Survival Evolved Server hosting in Chicago will ensure that your ARK server delivers a consistently low pings. All of our ARK server hosting packages include full control over the server and Group/Clan Pay!

– 1-Click Workshop Install
– Server Clustering Available!
– Valguero Now Available!
– Group/Clan Pay
– Sub-user Access
– Overhauled Control Panel

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TrustPilot rating 4.8 / 5
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    ChicagoServers has made it easy for us…
    ChicagoServers has made it easy for us to play together. Setup of our server was super quick, we've only had 1 outtage that was resolved in minutes, and support has been incredibly responsive and courteous. I have a 7 Days to Die server with them, and will be getting an Ark server soon.
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    Rust server is perfect
    Have only had my server for a week. After a few days of use I'm glad I switched. The console is intuitive and everything has a flow that makes sense. I did have a problem connecting the Rust+ app with my server, but Jimmy hooked it up in live chat and stayed with me until he had the problem resolved. Like most things you get what you pay for. In this case I feel like a get a lil more.Kudos Chicago Servers!
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    Fast setup
    Fast setup, easy to customize server settings. Reliable service and award worthy customer service.

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